Weight loss: the diet 16/8 to lose weight without forcing

diet 16/8

diet 16/8 to lose weight without forcing

 We eat what we want for eight hours, we swallow only water the rest of the time: diet 16/8 seems effective method to lose weight without having to do a drastic diet.

This approach refers to the more general concept of intermittent fasting, here on a day. An American team (University of Illinois) has tested the effectiveness on a group of overweight people (BMI of 35), with an average age of 45 years.

 The principle: total freedom between 10 am and 6 pm, nothing but water outside this time slot. Half of the participants followed this diet for three months, while the others fed themselves as they wished (with caloric restriction or not, without particular instructions).

The result highlights three important elements.

One: caloric intake was lower in group diet 16/8.

Two: this resulted in a “significant” weight loss (-2.6% of initial weight, on average).

Three: there is a positive effect on systolic blood pressure. On the other hand, there is no difference between the two groups, at least during the follow-up period, for parameters such as cholesterol (HDL or LDL), triglycerides, insulin, glucose, mass fat and lean mass or visceral fat. Another interesting point is that this method does not require a tedious “calorie count”.

The authors do not claim that this is a miracle diet, but they believe that people who wish to lose weight and who have failed with other approaches could try this one, or why not try it the outset.

diet 16/8
diet 16/8

Fasting part of the day seems interesting to lose some of its excess weight, according to a small study conducted in the United States.

Alternate fasting is the new fashionable diet. But between the 5: 2 method, daily fasting and other periodic hardships, it is sometimes difficult to navigate… and stick to it. A team from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) is proposing a new system: the diet 16/8 method.

This strategy is also based on fasting, but for part of the day only. For eight hours, it is possible to eat at will. But between 6 pm and 10 am, only water is allowed. And according to a study published in the journal Nutrition and Healthy Aging, this approach seems rather profitable to relieve its overweight.

“What’s important about this study is that there are effective strategies for weight loss that do not involve counting calories or eliminating certain foods,” says Krista Varady, co-author of this work. which involved 23 obese people.

Few dropouts

For twelve weeks, the volunteers went to the experiment: eat at will between 10 and 18 hours, then agree to swallow nothing. A successful bet, and successful, since it allowed them to lose 3% of their body weight on average.

And the benefits of this alternating fast do not stop there. Despite being able to eat at will, participants reduced their food intake by an average of 350 calories a day, and their blood pressure dropped.

diet 16/8
Weight loss: the diet 16/8 to lose weight without forcing

“These results are similar to those we observed during alternating fasts or other diets,” concedes Krista Varady in a press release, “but the interest of the diet 16/8 is that it could be easier to follow… ” This translates into fewer drop-outs.

A case by case regime

But these good results will have to be confirmed later, on bigger groups of volunteers and on longer durations. For 12 weeks, this remains a very short period to observe the impact of a diet on obesity. This does not allow to know if the slimming obtained is durable.

In addition, all obese individuals will not be able to access this type of diet, recalls the British Health Service (NHS), in an article analysis. “People suffering from excess cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart problems should always consult their doctor before starting a diet based on the game,” says the NHS.

Intermittent fasting is a popular method of boosting the body, and the digestive system essentially, by resting it with caloric restriction. This allows the body to detoxify itself, but also to drain by eliminating the toxins present in your body.

Intermittent fasting diet 16/8 is one of the best known.

What is intermittent fasting?

This fasting is also called fasting – or method – Léangains. The principle is simple: you can eat in the first eight hours, then fast for sixteen hours.

In order not to suffer too much from this long period of fasting, it is best to begin the fast after dinner and continue until lunch.

In this way, you keep two important meals: lunch and dinner. This way, you can give your body all the nutrients it needs.

This method is quite simple to follow, even if you are not used to intermittent fasting, as it does not require a full day of twenty-four hours without food.

During the fast of 16h it will give back to your body its energy. It will eliminate toxins better, especially if you drink a lot during this time. Drinking is essential. In addition to allowing you to better hold during the fourteen hours, the water will purify your body, clean the emunctories and restart the activity of all systems, which will also lead to an effective and healthy weight loss.

diet 16/8
diet 16/8

What can you eat during the 8 hours?

After the 16 hours, it is important to eat properly, without frustration, but without excess either.

Prefer foods rich in nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables, fish or meat cooked without fat. These eight hours should not be a moment of cracking. Indeed, otherwise the detoxification will not work. As a result, you will not lose weight, in addition to harming your health.

It is essential to eat satiating, nutritious foods that will provide you with sustainable energy.

Avoid processed products, prepared meals, products that are too fat, too salty and too sweet. Complete cereals, fruits and vegetables, fish, some oilseeds and seeds for snacks, in moderation, will bring you good energy, healthy and sustainable. The most important thing is to vary the food, to take whole foods and as natural as possible.

Was the diet 8/16 helpful?

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