Potato Diet: Can you lose weight eating potatoes?

Potato Diet: Can you lose weight eating potatoes?


Potato Diet is a short-term diet that is claimed to help people and results in rapid weight loss. This diet is not a balanced diet like other diets. Proponents of the diet claim that the potato diet is a quick way to lose weight, reduce inflammation, regulate appetite to start losing weight and eat healthier.

This diet was invented by medicine in 1849 because of obesity and malnutrition. As obesity and digestive problems get worse nowadays and people are constantly looking for quick ways to fix them, the potato diet has again become one of the trends.

Potato use has been known for many years, in fact, as one of the main meals. When it comes to slimming potatoes, we mean fries and not chips! It is clear that any food that is fried in oil is not only obese but also pathogenic, whether it be cucumbers or potatoes.

How potatoes are used is key to weight loss, and most of us are aware of the side effects that elevate body fat such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain, and above all obesity Lack of confidence. Always try to keep your weight in balance. Obesity is a result of unhealthy eating habits, inactivity, hereditary hormone imbalances, overweight fats are usually associated with problems such as infertility, cancer and heart disease. So there is no doubt about losing weight.

How do they get the potato diet?

The potato diet is a very simple idea and it is not expensive for one to observe. As its name implies, the only thing eaten during the diet is potatoes.

A person eats 1 to 2.5 kg of potatoes a day, depending on the appetite of each person. There are no other foods in this diet. Add a little salt if you like. The inventor believes that salt does not sprout on potatoes, but if it makes you taste potatoes and adhere to the diet, it is okay to consume some salt.

potato diet

Salt causes fluid retention in the body, and this type of diet can largely cause dehydration, which is not considered a weight loss. During this diet, drink black tea, demos, black coffee (without adding milk and sugar) and water. Owners of this diet are advised to take essential medicines and eat half of the supplements you use.

You should not do heavy exercise when running a potato diet. Light exercise or hiking are good options to add to the potato diet. There are also tips on how to best cook potatoes. Boiling potatoes will destroy a lot of its nutrients.

In this diet, the goal is to get the most out of potassium in potatoes because many people are deficient in potassium.

There are two ways to bake potatoes:

1. Boil the potatoes in freshwater, then refrigerate for 24 hours. Also, keep the water with which you boiled potatoes because it is rich in nutrients and drink it throughout the day.

2. Roast or steam the potatoes and then refrigerate for up to 24 hours to keep them cool as placing the potatoes in the fridge increases its starch content and helps to control the satiety and appetite. If you are susceptible to resistant starch for any reason and feel bloated after eating potatoes, you should eat them warm.

How long should the potato diet continue?

The duration of the potato diet depends on the purpose of the individual, according to the inventor. Continue this diet until you get fit (unless you are deficient in vitamins and minerals). People have been on this diet for 10 days, one month and even a year, which is recommended for 3 to 5 days. Of course, some also do weekly, ie, three days a week, eating the rest of the day, and then gradually increasing the number of days in the coming weeks.

What nutrients are there in 1.5kg of potatoes?

    1034 calories

    244 grams of carbohydrates

    32.7 grams of fibre

    13.3 g or 3.3 teaspoons of sugar

    1.4 g fat

    22 grams of protein

    Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C

    Copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium and phosphorus

Nutrients are high in potatoes but they do not contain all the vitamins needed. For this reason, it is recommended to use a diet that includes all food groups. Unfortunately, it is claimed that doing this diet for the long term is not a problem while the person after a short time has a serious deficiency of some nutrients. One of the properties of potato starch is its starch which we will explain below.

Potato diet; starch resistant

Resistant starch is a type of starch that the body cannot digest. This type of starch is not digested in the stomach or small intestine and reaches the colon. In the large intestine, good bacteria use resistant starch during a fermentation process to build a short chain of fatty acid.

Benefits of starch resistant

Resistant starch due to the type of digestion does not lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar and produces little insulin in response to it. Research has shown that starch reduces glucose levels in response to meals and improves insulin sensitivity.

Resistant starch reduces appetite and stores fat. All of these effects are associated with weight loss. Resistant starch improves the health of the microbiome by making short fatty acid chains. The short-chain fatty acid is very important for stabilizing intestinal health. They reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce the amount of bacteria in the gut.

potato diet

Short-chain fatty acids decrease the pH of the gut, which stops pathogenic and fungal bacteria because they do not grow well in the acidic environment. Butyrate is one of the important fatty acids produced by resistant starch. Butyrate is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce intestinal permeability. It is very important that toxins stay in the gut and not enter the bloodstream.

Impairment in the gut microbiome is directly linked to obesity. That’s why it’s important to cook potatoes and keep them in the fridge for 24 hours. Resistant starches are made this way. So always eat potatoes cold or at room temperature. If you make potatoes at high temperatures, most of the starch will disappear.

Potatoes are a good food to incorporate into your diet because of their starch (cold) and high fibre content but do not use potatoes or any other food as the only food in the diet. No matter how many nutrients a food has, it does not meet all the body’s needs. The only advantage of the potato diet is that you model it for a balanced diet and use the potatoes in the same way as they did in the diet.

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