exercise to lose belly fat+Some home exercises

exercise to lose belly fat

exercise to lose belly fat+Some home exercises

Home exercise to lose belly fat; Introduction to the Abdomen

When we talk to people about the abdomen and its muscles, many of them have a misconception about the abdomen. They think that the abdomen only ends up in the front of the abdomen and the muscles of the famous Sex Pack, if not. The abdomen is made up of 5 different muscles, and as you know, the stronger your muscles get and the more you work, the faster the fat around the abdomen disappears.

Along with home exercise for abdominal slimming, you need to have a well-controlled diet. Control the consumption of sugars in your body as much as you can because they can store fat and make it overweight. Here are three mom and Kelly moves you can do throughout the day and make them a good habit for removing abdominal fat as well as maintaining fitness.

The moves you should always make

• The first move is twisting the waist. Try to rotate your waist several times during the day. In this hip rotation, you have to be steady and try to start your lower back from the ribs.

• Shrink your abdominal muscles several times during the day and hold for 5 seconds. Then dip your stomach inward and release. This should become your habit throughout the day. With the contraction of your abdominal muscles, you are always contracted and active.

• Breathe properly. To strengthen the abdominal and lower abdominal muscles, you need to have a strong performance after each tail so that your lungs become completely empty.

exercise to lose belly fat+Some home exercises

Home Exercise for Weight Loss; Diet Plan

In order to get rid of excess fat around your abdomen and shoulders, you need to follow a proper diet along with exercise, as these two supplements work together and have no effect without the other. Well, exercising is pointless because instead of burning fat, all the energy will be spent on burning calories in food.

On the other hand, without exercise, and only with the help of diets, the body will not be able to burn fat. If it can, it will put too much pressure on the body, which is by no means reasonable. The more you work on your muscles and body, the faster you get to fitness and the more fat you burn.

Beware of sugary substances

Eating sugar and sugar can help to accumulate fat in the abdomen. When you consume sugars such as sugar, sugar, carbonated beverages and other sugary industrial foods, your body receives two types of sugars called glucose and fructose. Glucose burns in the body but fructose…

Read more about the exercise to lose belly fat

Fructose, like glucose, does not burn easily. This sugar enters the body, goes to the liver and becomes fat in the liver after the interactions. The fat that accumulates in the abdomen, flanks and thighs and eventually results in local obesity.

Do you want to lose weight? Eat the sweet potatoes

Carbohydrates are very useful in removing abdominal fat. Eating carbs helps your body not feel hungry for longer hours. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, contain a lot of carotenoid, which helps keep obesity sugar low. Consuming carbohydrates along with exercise can lead to muscle building so don’t eliminate them from your diet.

Black beans, beyond imagination

Black beans contain a lot of fibre. Fibre, by filling the stomach volume as well as lowering intestinal absorption, will prevent you from becoming obese and at the same time make you feel fuller. It goes to the fat of these areas and prevents them from accumulating.

Home exercise for abdominal slimming;

In the following article, “Home Exercise for Abdominal Slimming”, we want to introduce you to abdominal slimming movements that can easily remove fat from your abdomen and gain the fitness you desire. These movements are as follows:

• Reverse curve motion

• Planck

• Lie down

• Scott’s soft movement

• Mountaineering movement

• Movement of the lifting of the large head muscle

• Spider-man moves

• Rotary Planck

• Delicate foot (with one foot)

• Crunch

Reverse curve motion

This movement is one of the most popular and effective exercises for home exercise for abdominal slimming. Lie on the floor and place your hands next to your body. Elevate the legs to make a 90-degree angle with the ground. Press on your stomach with your legs and then return to your original position. Go ahead to do the right move.

Home exercise to lose belly fat; Planck Motion

Lie on the floor and put your hands together. Raise the legs and make a 2-degree angle to the ground. Press your abdomen with your legs, lower them to a 2-degree angle and then return to the original. Repeat this move up to 3 times.

Exercise at home for belly slimming;

Exercise stretching is a popular exercise for abdominal slimming, but it also has a tremendous impact because it involves the abdominal muscles and helps a lot with abdominal slimming. Do this every day, starting from 1 to 2 times in the first weeks and reaching 2 to 3 times in the third and fourth weeks.

Motion Scott Scott

To do the squat movement, stand and shoulder-width apart. To do this, make sure your knees and ankles are straight forward, your waist is straight and your head is high and face exactly right. do. Now go down slowly and return to the position where your thighs were parallel to the ground. Also start this movement 5 times in the first weeks.

Home exercise to lose belly fat; mountain climbing

Mountaineering is a simple and effective movement that requires swimming and opening your hands first. Then bring your left knee to your left and return to the first position. Do the same for your knee and right hand. The number of repetitions of this movement is as follows: Repeat every 2 seconds and between 1 and 2 times. In the coming weeks, to make this move harder, increase the number of seconds each time and how often you move.

Move up the muscles of the large tray

To do this, lie up on the floor and rest your feet on the floor. Then lift the hips by pushing the soles of the feet. Note that the shoulder should be positioned on the ground and should not be raised from the ground. Raise your abdomen and buttocks to the point where your knees and shoulders are aligned. The number of repetitions of this movement can start from 2 times and up to 2 times harder.

Home exercise for abdominal slimming; Spiderman moves

To do the spider man move you have to swim and open your hands. At all times, bend your hands from the elbow and bring your chest to the ground. In the meantime, first bring your right knee close to your right arm and then return to your original position. Do this up to ten times for each side of the body, then move to the other side. Start this exercise 2 times a week and step up to 6 times in the following weeks.

Rotary Planck Motion

To perform rotational Planck movement, you need to sleep on the right side of the body and then raise your right hand and foot. The body must be completely stretched like a photograph. Then lower the left hand into the cavity and cross and return to the original position twice. Lie on the other side of the body this time and repeat the movement. Do this up to 3 times. That is, ten times for the left and ten times for the right.

Home exercise for belly slimming; Crunch motion

One of the most recommended abdominal exercises in-home exercise is the crunch movement. Lie on the ground to move the crane-like an image. Then place your two hands behind you, depending on the photo mode. Now bring the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa, bring the left elbow to the right knee. Note that the lower part of the waist should not be shaken by any elbows. Repeat this move 2 times for the left and 3 times for the right. To make it difficult to move in the next few weeks, you can increase the number of moves by between two and three times.

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