Exercise for arms: 10 exercises for the firm, muscular arms

Exercise for arms

Exercise for arms: 10 exercises for the firm, muscular arms

Home bodybuilding:

“I would love to train but I hate gyms! “Sounds familiar to you? Good news: There are tons of exercises you can do at home, using just the weight of your body and/or some cheap accessories.

The following 10 exercises will allow you to strengthen the muscles of your arms but also of the whole of your upper body. No need for much space or time: focus only on the proper execution of movements to achieve maximum results (Exercise for arms).

1. Biceps curls with 2 arms

Do not have dumbbells at your disposal? No problem! Use water bottles, cans or anything else that could do the trick. You do not need a lot of weight to feel the intensity of the movement.

Keep elbows close to the torso and shoulders low and far away from the ears to maximize activation of your biceps throughout the exercise.

2. Triceps dip

For this exercise, you will need a chair, a bench, a sofa or a stair step. It is recommended to use different objects to vary the range of motion and burn your muscles. Be sure to keep your glutes and your lower back near the chair to get all the benefits of this exercise.

Want to increase the intensity? Vary the tempo and try to do some of your dips faster and others more slowly.

3. Up downs

This exercise is also effective for the upper body and abs. The more muscle groups you activate, the more calories you will burn!

Remember to contract the muscles of your trunk throughout the movement and keep your shoulders, hips and feet aligned. Always place your hands or elbows directly under your shoulders and keep your hips perpendicular to the floor, without tilting them from one side to the other.

4. Pumps 2-2-2

You can perform this variant on your lap if you wish. This is to do 3 different sets of 2 pumps using each time another placement of the hands: narrow, regular and spread. Narrow pumps will especially work your triceps and pumps aside will especially solicit your chest . If you make this variant on the knees, make sure that your thighs do not touch the floor mat.

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5. Step climbers

The higher the object you use as elevation, the more difficult the exercise will be. As with the triceps dips, you can use a stair step, a bench, a chair or a sofa. Keep the trunk muscles on for the duration of the movement and be careful not to over-elevate your glutes.

6. Triceps kick back

Again, you can use cans, water bottles or dumbbells to do this exercise that will allow you to firm up your triceps and declare war on the bat arms.

Start the exercise upright, then lean forward. Always keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight. Your elbows should stick to your chest. Lift and lower the dumbbells without moving your elbows. Perform this exercise slowly and in a controlled manner.

7. Lateral elevations leaning bust

This movement will work the back of your shoulders, muscles also known as posterior deltoids. These muscles that we do not see in the mirror are often neglected during weight training sessions. When lifting weights, make sure that your elbows finish aligned with your shoulders (T shape).

8. Developed shoulders

You can do this exercise sitting, standing and even balancing on one leg to activate the trunk muscles. Remember, the more muscle groups you use, the more calories you burn. Your elbows should be just below the shoulders and the forearms bent to form a 90 ° angle. Push the dumbbells in a straight line over your head (hands should not be in the back of your head).

9. From front to side elevation

If you have an elastic band, you can make very good use of it for this exercise. Otherwise, you can use dumbbells (or bottles of water, cans …) or nothing at all! Be sure to raise your arms at shoulder height and no higher.

10. Single-arm resisted biceps curl

For this exercise, your opposite hand acts as a weight. Be sure to resist your biceps when climbing and descending. Also be careful to keep the elbow motionless near the torso.

So if you do not have the urge or the time to go to the fitness room, test these exercises comfortably in your living room.

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Say goodbye to your soft arms and your flat shoulders. Just like the abs and buttocks, the arms are a part of the body that one dreams of having muscled without resembling MuscleThe solution: small targeted exercises that will carve gently and durably your chest, your shoulders or your biceps. Find pretty muscular arms with our 5 gym exercises.

Exercise 1: all the arms

Starting position: stand up, legs apart and half-flexed, take a dumbbell (or a small or large bottle of water depending on the weight you can wear) in the right hand. Place your hand behind the neck. The left hand is placed on the hip and the pelvis must remain retroverted (forward).

Movement: stretch your right arm, without moving your elbow, in inspiration. Return to the initial position. Invert the movement, bottle in the left hand. Repeat 15 times on each side.

Idea shape: after a few sessions, increase the number of movements of 5. Ditto for the weight of the dumbbell.

Exercise 2: for beautiful pecs

Starting position: standing, legs semi-flexed, dumbbells in hand (or small water bottle), arms bent at right angles, elbows at shoulder height, pelvis retroversed (forward).

Movement: Tighten your arms parallel to you while exhaling. Repeat 15 times.

Idea form: after a few sessions, work this exercise in the form of series. For example 2 times 15 movements. And blow well between the sets.

Exercise 3: Shaping the shoulders

Starting position: standing, legs semi-flexed, hip-width apart, back straight, stick (or broomstick) or cane in hands. Place the stick in the back, at the level of the shoulder blades, bent elbows.

Movement: Raise your arms slowly until they are stretched in line with the body, then lean forward, back straight so that it is parallel to the ground. Return to the initial position. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 4: Toning the arms

Starting position: standing, feet joined at 1.50 m from a tree or wall, hands placed on it, arms extended, body slightly inclined and sheathed to stimulate circulation.

Movement: Keeping your elbows close to your body, slowly flex your arms as much as possible while remaining wrapped. Keep the position 5 seconds. Return to the original position at the same pace. Repeat 10 times.

Tip form: pay careful attention to your back.

Find our exercises to relieve your back.

Exercise 5: Nice biceps

Starting position: standing, legs apart, half-flexed, pelvis retroversion (forward), 1.5 kg dumbbell in each hand (or water bottle 1.5 l), elbows glued to the body, arms falling along the body.

Movement: Keeping your arms close to your body, bend your elbows until your hands touch your shoulders. Exhale in the effort. Perform 15 arm flexions and immobilize them at right angles for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

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