exercise and stress: Exercise relieves my stress


exercise and stress: Exercise relieves my stress.

Working out benefits my mind as well as my body. Physical activity boosts my mood and lowers my stress hormones. Strengthening my body makes me more resilient. I reduce my risk of illness. I feel happier and more relaxed when I move around.

Exercise also burns calories and keeps me fit. I avoid the negative side effects that come from trying to soothe myself with activities like emotional eating or retail therapy.

exercise and stress
exercises and stress: Exercise relieves my stress

I have many options for winding down and working out.

I visit the gym. I work with a trainer or sign up for group fitness classes. Socializing with others makes my routine more fun. I enjoy small talk and laughter. I share encouragement and moral support.

I practice yoga at home or a local studio. Breathing deeply and moving deliberately calms my mind and tones my body.

I spend time outdoors. Fresh air and green spaces lift my spirits and give me energy. I rent a kayak or go for a run in the park.

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I play. I throw a Frisbee around in the back yard with my children, play basketball in the driveway, or walk the dog. We help each other to feel loved and connected.

I dance to my favorite music. Upbeat songs dissolve my tension. I move with less effort and enjoy happy memories.

Today, I take a positive approach to managing the stress in my life. I use physical activity to help me relax.

Virtually any type of exercise from aerobics to yoga can act as a remedy against stress. If you are not an athlete or even if you are out of shape, you can still make some exercise go a long way toward managing stress. Discover the connection between exercise and stress relief – and why exercise should be part of your plan stress management.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my physical health affect my mental health?
  2. What is one physical activity I find relaxing?
  3. What are other constructive ways I can deal with stress?

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