Diet high in protein: The top 15 best protein foods

Diet high in protein

Diet high in protein: The top 15 best protein foods

Which foods to use to make proteins, nutritional allies?

Proteins, we all need them that everyone knows. There are even diets (and excessive, it must be said) based on the daily and almost exclusive intake of protein to lose weight. This intake of protein should not be neglected, it avoids excessive muscle loss and promotes, conversely, loss of fat.

So vegetable protein or animal protein, what to eat?

Why are proteins important?

Proteins are nutrients that have three primary roles in the body.

Diet high in protein: The top 15 best protein foods
  • An energy role. They are essential for the proper functioning of our body.
  • A role of construction. They participate in the creation of all the living tissues of the body and the renewal of the skin, hair, nails …
  • A functional role. They are a great help in defending the body against diseases.

In addition, know that proteins are essential in the formation of the fetus and during all stages of growth.
They are also very important for premenopausal or menopausal women in order to preserve muscle mass as much as possible.

Be careful, there are proteins and proteins!

There are two types of foods containing dairy products) and foods of plant origin (cereals and legumes, lentils, peas …).

Animal proteins are richer in certain essential amino acids that are sometimes lacking in plant proteins. One point that nutrition experts are struggling with, because if you think in terms of combinations of foods, you may be able to fully meet the needs without animal foods.

If you have a vegan diet, that is vegan, that removes all food of animal origin, and therefore also eggs, fish and dairy products, you have to supplement the amino acid diet.

However, there are also excellent vegetable proteins in legumes, tofu, seitan …

To privilege the proteins does not mean to ignore the gluttony. Thanks to the protein pancake Food spring, combine “health” and “pleasure”. With this preparation for pancakes, you will be able to taste in 5 minutes Chrono pancakes 6 times more protein than the other products of the market! In addition, there are no added sugars. You can enjoy them in a sweet or savory version!

The top 15 best foods in Diet high in protein

These foods contain a lot of animal protein:

1. The egg

with 12% protein, it is an excellent source of protein. Egg yolks are richer in protein than white.
Egg proteins are considered as reference proteins: their amino acid composition (all absorbable by the body) makes them the flagship of protein foods. To cook eggs in all their forms, have a multifunctional egg cooker!

2. Meats

With an average of 18% protein content, meat is an excellent source of protein.
The winner in all categories is the beef flank (30% protein) closely followed by the beef tenderloin.

The trick to know: The cooking mode is not trivial. If you cook the meat for a long time, the loss of water will be offset by an increase in the protein content. Not to neglect so.

3. The milk

The winner among the winners, milk powder contains more than 35% protein. It is, moreover, full of calcium. A real winner All milks are sources rich in protein.

4. The game

Low fat and containing an average of 22% protein, the game should not be excluded when seeking to enrich its protein diet. The hare is the “record man” of the game.

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5. Cheeses

Some cheeses may contain up to 36% protein (such as parmesan, very dense).
Afterward, as we do not eat as much cheese as meat, the contribution is to be weighted according to the quantity tasted.
On average, uncooked pressed cheeses contain 26% protein. The soft-marbled ones about 20%. To taste more cheeses and increase your protein intake, equip yourself with a nice cheese plate!

Diet high in protein: The top 15 best protein foods

6. The fish

Eat right … eat fish! Fish has an average of 21% protein, the most protein being tuna.
Official fish consumption recommendations, do you know them? You would have to eat fish twice a week, including once a fatty fish.
Good to know: the smaller the fish, the less heavy metals they contain. So we go on sardines canned, inexpensive and excellent!

7. Yogurt

Yogurts and dairy products such as cottage cheese contain proteins, calcium, vitamins and participate in the regulation of the intestinal flora, thanks to probiotics.
Good to know: cottage cheese contains more protein than yoghurt. Make your homemade yogurts! More ecological, less rich in sugar and better for health, the acquisition of a yogurt maker allows you to prepare delicious yogurts very easily.

8. Crustaceans and mollusks

Crustaceans and mollusks (whether marine or not) are rich in protein. So, do not hesitate, go for shrimps, mussels, crab, scallops, oysters, and snails.

9. Poultry

The white meat of poultry, with an average of 20% protein content, is high on the podium. Poultry is popular because its high protein content is associated with low fat and low cholesterol content.

Diet high in protein
Diet high in protein

10. The liver

Like all other forms of red meat, the liver and offal, of course, provide animal protein in quantity. Moreover, it is a very good source of iron. Women with heavy periods should not miss out.
Good to know: it is a red meat low in fat.

These foods are excellent sources of vegetable protein:

For further:
Do you want to become a flexitarian and consume less-even more meat?
This article can help you: How to replace meat and eat balanced?

11. Spirulina

This plant assimilated to an alga is a food intake very interesting from a nutritional point of view. Not only does it bring a good dose of protein but also iron. Athletes love it. Be careful, however, to source carefully, because some uncontrolled products and a dubious provenance will not bring you anything good!

12. Soy

In the form of soy protein, or tofu, tempeh or even legumes (mung beans) or sprouted seeds, soy is one of the favorite foods of vegetarians. And it is not a hazard. His contributions are very interesting! Provided you consume organic if you want to avoid GMOs.

13. Oilseeds

Understand nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds … However, walnuts win the medal of the best protein because they bring other micronutrients that help fight against bad cholesterol.
Good to know: Eating well while having fun is now possible thanks to the Gretel Box

14. The seeds

Flax seeds or squash seeds are also a source of protein. Attention, if you consume, know that you must grind to assimilate them, otherwise they will pass as they are in your body, without leaving anything!

15. Legumes

Among the legumes (pulses), the highest in protein are soy and dry lentils. Chickpeas are also great, and should be consumed more often in the week! Sprouted seeds are also a good source of protein intake.

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