diet for diabetes type 2: What to eat and what not to eat?

diet for diabetes type 2

diet for diabetes type 2: What to eat and what not to eat?


Currently, type 2 diabetes is one of the most common and widespread non-communicable diseases in the country that failure to control will have irreparable consequences.

Currently, type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent and widespread non-communicable diseases in the world and its failure to control it will have irreparable consequences. Therefore, diabetes is known as one of the diseases in which self-control and self-care play an important role.

diet for diabetes type 2

Self-control means that a person with diabetes can control his or her diabetes in terms of diet, physical activity, and so forth. It is interesting to know that blood sugar is one of the most important factors that should be controlled and controlled when eating. By eating these foods, you can prevent your blood sugar rise suddenly and dangerously.

Other foods that are beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes and are recommended for use include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables such as grapes and blueberries.

In addition to snacks, people with type 2 diabetes should avoid sweets and chocolates, as well as regular exercise and physical activity, fitness, smoking cessation, stress and anger, regular blood pressure control, examining body wounds and Measuring the time interval of wound healing, adequate water intake, along with bitter coffee, pale, green tea, and avoiding chips can be effective in treating this condition.

Researchers advise people with type 2 diabetes to use proper footwear and to avoid shoes that cause nail or ankle sprains or toes. These people should regularly monitor their blood sugar if they are taking medication and be closely monitored by a doctor.

A Mediterranean diet including fruits and vegetables, olive oil, yogurt, and low-fat dairy products is also recommended for the health of these people; low-fat and low-fat cheeses are recommended as well as walnuts because the bacteria in the cheese can Reduce blood sugar.

Although diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that can cause many complications in different body systems, having a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition, physical activity and various other factors such as controlling mental and psychological factors control the progression of this disease. And living the same life as healthy people will be.

Numerous studies have shown that healthy eating will have a significant impact on controlling symptoms and preventing the progression of type 2 diabetes and its predisposing diseases, especially obesity.

But a good diet for people with type 2 diabetes is one of the major problems for families after learning about one of them. In the meantime, many people’s contradictory recommendations or personal experiences can create many problems for them.

Oatmeal in the diet for diabetes type 2:

diet for diabetes type 2

Recent research, research, and studies by nutrition scientists have shown that consuming whole grains and high fiber foods reduces the risk of diabetes by about 35 to 42 percent. The best source for both is oatmeal. The oatmeal has soluble fiber. It slows down the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach, thereby keeping blood sugar levels under control.

If you add 1 to 2 tablespoons of chopped oatmeal or chopped walnuts to this oatmeal, it will have more protein and fat. This increase in protein and fat helps to control blood sugar levels. In addition, these nuts give you better taste and breakfast.

Non-starchy vegetables in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Non-starchy vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber such as broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers are an ideal source of high-quality carbohydrates. Because these low-calorie, nutrient-rich vegetables have little effect on blood sugar, they are a major part of a person’s diet. For most people (even those looking to lose weight), eating this diet is as free as you like.

Low-fat yogurt in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Low-fat yogurt naturally contains high-quality carbohydrates and protein. Low-fat yogurt is a good food to reduce or prevent abnormal blood sugar levels. Related studies have shown that calcium-rich diets derived from yogurt and other calcium-rich foods are associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Be sure to use low-fat or non-fat products. Greek fat-free yogurt is the best option. Because it has twice as much protein as non-fat yogurt.

Beans in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Sure you are looking for foods that raise your blood sugar levels slowly and in a gentle manner, we suggest replacing high-quality carbohydrates with low-quality carbohydrates such as refined cereals and sugary foods. It’s worth noting, however, that it is best to mix these carbohydrates with protein and fat. Legumes such as chickpeas (beans), beans, and soy are a good blend of high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein and soluble fiber that keep your blood sugar and appetite constant. Keep in mind that beans are cheap, varied, and fat-free.

Fish in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Fish is another of the nutrients the body needs. Fresh fish is an important source of lean protein. Choose from a variety of fish available on the market, especially good-tasting fish with white meat that can be used with healthier cooking methods such as cooking, grilling, and grilling. Fish with high-quality carbohydrates such as Eat vegetables, lentils, and beans to have a balanced meal combination to prevent high blood sugar.

Avocado in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fat, known as the healthiest fat. Health researchers and researchers have found that a diet rich in monounsaturated fats that also have low-quality carbohydrates increases insulin sensitivity.

Unsaturated fats also improve heart health, which is a good benefit for diabetics who have a high risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Add a few slices of avocado to your sandwich instead of mayonnaise or mix the ripe avocado with coriander, sour lemon juice, and chopped tomatoes to get a delicious dessert called guacamole.

Wild Trout in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Omega 3 helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which increases the risk of developing diabetes. Over time, high blood glucose levels lead to an increase in the deposition of fatty components in the blood vessels, which results in atherosclerosis. Free-sea trout or sardines are not only rich in omega-3s but also synthetic It also has healthy proteins and fats that help lower carbohydrate uptake and thus lower blood glucose levels.

Egg white in the diet for diabetes type 2:

Egg whites are another healthy food choice for controlling and reducing type 2 diabetes due to being rich in high-quality lean protein and low carbohydrates. Whites have identified a whole egg with only 16 kcal of energy and 4 grams of high-quality protein as good food for blood sugar control, but it has positive effects on weight control or weight loss.

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