diet 1200 calories: a low calorie and a balanced diet

diet 1200 calories

diet 1200 calories: a low calorie and balanced diet

How about trying a slimming diet that would allow you to lose between 1.5 and 2 kg per week? For this, a low-calorie diet is the ideal. Among them, there is the draconian 800 calorie diet, but also the one with 1200 calories per day. This diet 1200 calories is to be followed for 3 weeks and it is very effective, provided it is meticulously respected.

diet 1200 calories

The diet 1200 calories is simple enough to follow. The latter consists of reducing daily energy intake in order to “push” the body to draw on available reserves in the body. If this diet is interesting to lose weight quickly, some rules must, however, be respected so as not to weaken his body. To reach your final goal, it is also necessary to vary the menus and seek the advice of your doctor before starting.

In this article, you can get a little insight into how the diet 1200 calories work, but not only! Its advantages and disadvantages will also be explained to you and ideas of menus will be given to you to vary the taste pleasures.

The operation of the diet 1200 calories

As mentioned in the introduction, the diet 1200 calories is a low-calorie diet that consists of reducing daily energy intake to 1200 calories per day (2000 being the average for a working woman) in order to encourage the body to draw on reserves to compensate and thus lose weight. With this diet, you can lose between 1.5 and 2 kg per week without being hungry. This diet usually lasts 3 weeks and it is advisable not to continue this diet beyond the risk of weakening the body.

If you want to try this diet, know that the majority of your menus must be composed mainly of protein. Lipids are to be avoided.

A diet 1200 calories can be divided into three phases (one phase per week). The first is the most difficult since it will mark the beginning of your diet and it will avoid the so-called forbidden foods. During the other two phases, other foods can be introduced as and when. Anyway, for the three phases, the 1200 calories must be respected.

The division of the three phases

Phase 1: detoxification

During the first week, both lipids and carbohydrates should be avoided. For this first phase, your body will also be upset because of dietary changes and the decrease in the number of calories per day. This will encourage your body to seek energy from the available stores in your body.

Phase 2: stabilization

For this second week, your body will begin to get used to different occult changes. You can also begin to introduce in your diet carbohydrates and fats but in small quantities.

Phase 3: the adjustment

During the last week, foods that are banned under a diet such as red meat may be included in your menus. Of course, choose low-fat foods. For this last phase, you will also notice that the weight loss is less important compared to the first two weeks.

And after?

At the end of the third week of the diet 1200 calories, stop your diet. On the other hand, it is important not to resume a rich diet. Increase the number of calories as you go so your body gets used to this new upheaval.

Foods allowed in this diet

During this diet 1200 calories, some foods are to be banned and others are preferred. In any case, it is essential to consume products rich in good nutrients.

Among dairy products, you can consume cottage cheese and yogurt with 0% fat. You can also drink skim milk. As for protein-rich foods, eggs, white meat, but also red can be eaten. The fish will also be incorporated into your menus. Products rich in vitamins and fiber will, of course, be favored as part of your diet. So you can eat fruits, vegetables or grains. For drinks, alcohol and sugary drinks will be banned, but water, tea, herbal teas, and lemon juice will be preferred.

diet 1200 calories: its strong and weak points

diet 1200 calories

In addition to rapid weight loss, the 1200 calorie diet has other benefits. On the other hand, certain rules must be respected in order to follow it in the best possible conditions. Here is a little overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this diet.

His advantages

  • Weight loss is fast: between 1.5 and 2 kg per week.
  • The risk of dietary deficiency is minimal, as menus can be diversified.
  • No family of food is prohibited.
  • It allows to resume good habits because the diet is balanced. If you continue this healthy diet after this diet, you will have little chance to take back your lost pounds.
  • You can eat everything but in reasonable quantities.
  • The number of calories is controlled.

Its disadvantages

Like all low-calorie diets, the one with 1200 calories is not without consequences on the health.

Here are the negative effects of the diet 1200 calories :

  • Fatigue can be felt due to dietary changes.
  • If at the end of your diet, you resume your bad habits, you may suffer the effects yo-yo.
  • The diet 1200 calories require determination and willpower, as it is quite difficult to follow and requires a lot of concessions.
  • Counting calories can be difficult for some people. For that, do not hesitate to use applications to lose weight. Most allow counting the number of calories swallowed in the day.

Menu ideas adapted to the diet 1200 calories (depending on the different phases)

Menu 1 (phase 1)

Morning: a coffee or sugar-free infusion with 2 (or 3) slices of lightly buttered bread.

Lunchtime: 100 g of chicken fillet with 250 g of baked or steamed potatoes. A yoghurt.

Evening: An egg, steamed vegetables, and fruit.

Menu 2 (phase 2)

Morning: a coffee or brew without sugar and 2 slices of bread (or 6 rusks) lightly buttered.

Noon: 150 g of white fish, steamed vegetables, yogurt, and fruit.

Evening: two slices of white ham accompanied by a salad of raw vegetables, a yoghurt, and a fruit.

Menu 3 (phase 3)

Morning: 40 g of cereals + a fruit or 4 lightly buttered rusks accompanied by a fruit.

Lunch: 80g of chopped steak, salad of raw vegetables (tomatoes, for example), yoghurt.

Evening: 2 eggs with a salad and fruit.

diet 1200 calories

Diet 1200 calories: my opinion on this diet

The diet 1200 calories is, in my opinion, an interesting diet when you want to lose weight quickly. For conclusive results, it is important to follow it perfectly and to respect its conditions to avoid possible health problems. The three phases must also be respected in order for this regime to work.

If you cannot lose weight, the diet 1200 calories can help you get there. Before you start, do not forget to ask your doctor for advice!

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