anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise? which one is better?

anaerobic exercise

anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise? which one is better?

What are anaerobic exercises?

When it comes to exercise, most people with aerobic exercise feel more comfortable while anaerobic exercise can have more health benefits.

The word anaerobic means oxygen-free; if you want to simply define anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise involves strenuous and explosive activities such as weightlifting and sprinting which, when performing anaerobic exercises, the oxygen demand exceeds the oxygen supplied by the body.

You also have to remember times when you are exercising, have low breaths or your heart rate reaches 2% to 5% of maximum heart rate; this is the feeling you have when performing the anaerobic exercise. Doing these exercises gives you the feeling that there is not enough oxygen around you.

When you exercise at high intensity and with maximum physical strength, your body enters an anaerobic state, for example when you run at 2 mph or with very heavy weights, short sets, and consecutive runs. You do.

One of the features of anaerobic exercise is that you cannot stay in the anaerobic state for a long time, so these exercises result from a series of speed runs or heavy lifting; is low.

anaerobic exercise

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

In addition to the many benefits of anaerobic exercise for overall body health, it also helps control the body’s lactic acid, including the following:

    Protects muscles; Increases muscle strength and muscle mass helps protect joints and prevents damage that may occur in the future.

    Anaerobic exercise increases metabolism; this group of exercises also increases metabolism and leads to more calories because of the muscle building that occurs as a result of exercise.

    It increases bone strength and strength; anaerobic activities affect bone strength and density more than other sports, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

    Increases one’s energy level; your body relies on glycogen stored in the muscles for energy; regular anaerobic exercise increases the body’s ability to store glycogen and, as a result, performs more energy during intense workouts. You will have.

    Improves athletic performance; Regular anaerobic exercise increases one’s strength, speed, and strength, all of which play an important role in improving athletic performance.

The Importance of Carbohydrate before Exercise

Unlike slow exercises and low-intensity aerobic exercises in which the body converts stored fat into fat, anaerobic exercises require quick refueling.

Glycogen stored in the muscles and liver obtained from carbohydrates consumed prior to exercise provides the body with the energy to perform an anaerobic exercise; during short workouts with high intensity, the body glycogen stores quickly. Converts pre-workout carbohydrates to ATP (adenosine triphosphate, a nucleotide used in energy-carrying cells) and creatine phosphate (a nitrogen compound, which stores phosphate in muscle cells). The combination of the two prepares the body’s primary fuel for anaerobic activities; It quickly converts carbohydrates to energy, so the carbohydrates you consume prior to anaerobic exercise are important.

Which food group to use?

True, cereals have many nutritional benefits, but don’t forget that cereals contain some fiber that can digest them later than other foods; if you consume a lot of fiber before doing anaerobic exercise, you will not have enough fuel to digest these exercises late, and you may have gastrointestinal discomfort after exercising.

Sugar and white bread should be used as a snack before exercise because they are more digestible than other ingredients. Avoid fatty and protein foods before exercising, as they will have a negative effect on your energy level during exercise; don’t forget that fat and protein are long-lasting and your body has to go through a complex process of converting these foods into fuel. Slow. Eating a small amount of fat and protein before exercise is okay, but it should be low, for example eating an egg, a tablespoon of peanut butter or a few small pieces of chicken.

Best time to a snack before exercise

If you are always used to eating three or four hours before a workout, you can eat a whole meal containing 1 to 2 calories; for example, a cooked potato with yogurt or a beef sandwich with sugar-free donuts Or eat a cinnamon raisin pie with peanut butter and sliced ​​bananas.

If you are used to eating 2 or 3 hours before exercise, it is best to limit your consumption of fruit and eat only one or two fruits. Note that if you use smoothie or yogurt, be sure to use these as well. Limit.

If you only have 2 to 5 minutes left to practice, we recommend using jellies, jelly beans, or sports drinks to quickly provide the energy you need for an anaerobic workout.

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Do athletes need carbohydrate loading?

Unlike endurance athletes, those who do anaerobic exercise have no need for carbohydrate loading; just to provide the energy needed for a competition or important exercise, a few days ago a higher percentage of carbohydrates (sometimes more than 1 or 2%) Consume daily calories).

This will increase the energy or glycogen stored in your muscles and avoid any problems during anaerobic training; performing anaerobic exercises will only use some of the glycogen stored in your muscles.

In the end, if you want to live longer and stay healthy and healthy, do not neglect mobility, because living and working in life will lead to happiness, fitness, and a healthy and happy life.

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Another way to answer the question “What is aerobic exercise?” Is to compare it with anaerobic exercise. If aerobic is related to oxygen, then “anaerobic” means “no oxygen”. However, this does not mean that it is bad for health.

Professional athletes usually have their own discipline and progress in it, usually due to their physical and mental abilities, such as interest in a particular sport or differences in the type of muscles and muscles that are appropriate and favoured. Will choose themselves.

Of course, we should know that professional sports are very different from regular, everyday sports that have purely goals such as physical, mental, or even recreational. Professional wind and daily exercise should be completely separate and should never be compared to each other.

Professional athletes who follow their particular exercise are usually well-versed in their body shape whether they are aerobic or anaerobic. Usually, aerobic athletes have leaner and thinner bodies, and anaerobic athletes are more mature and fit.

But for the sake of choosing a sport for our daily use for purely health purposes, it is better to have a little information about both types of exercise and then choose the type of exercise we want.

The three main things that everyone in the gym thinks about are weight loss, belly fat and calorie burning. These are golden tips for fitness enthusiasts.

It may seem difficult to do all three of the above simultaneously well, but it is certainly not impossible. And yes, don’t even think that just doing abdominal exercises three times a week can help you achieve your overall goals.

All you need is a proper diet strategy along with intense routine exercises to help you maintain a smooth, healthy intake.

Why is aerobic exercise the best way to lose weight?

Aerobic exercise, primarily known as cardiovascular or fat burning, is the rhythmic movement of several body muscle groups.

The reason that aerobic exercise is also known as fat-burning exercise is that it has the potential to use the fat on carbohydrates as fuel to help keep your body moving during a workout.

anaerobic exercise is the best calorie burner. but…

Benefits of aerobic exercise

a. One thing is certain, in just a few months of aerobic training, you will see your fats begin to drop at a good rate. You’ll feel good and look energetic.

B. Several studies have shown a wide range of benefits of aerobic exercise in protecting against cardiovascular disease. One way in which aerobic exercise prevents fat accumulation is by lowering blood pressure and by partly tightening blood vessels, which also prevents blood clots in the veins.

P. In addition, prolonged exposure to aerobic exercise also increases the volume of blood pumped by each heartbeat. And that’s why professional athletes are twice as likely to beat their sedentary lifestyles.

D. As I mentioned earlier, aerobic exercise focuses more on fat as a fuel, and thus reduces lactic acid production, enabling one to continue to work without fatigue. In fact, your body needs an extra amount of oxygen to burn fat, which is denser than carbohydrates. And the best way to increase oxygen uptake and burn fat simultaneously is to do regular aerobic exercise.

E. Other well-known benefits of aerobic exercise include reducing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and stress. Aerobic exercise provides you with the energy and vigour you need and thereby improves your mood. In addition, a study showed that walking three to five times a week for 2 minutes per exercise reduced the depression questionnaire scores to 12% after twelve weeks.

Effective aerobic exercise for those who hate running

You may have heard about the effect of running on weight loss. Running has many benefits: from boosting muscle strength to improving mental states and emotional states. But the point is that even fans of this popular sport admit it is difficult. Now, if the legs are in pain, it will be even more difficult. The good news is that running is not the only aerobic exercise available and there are good alternatives. These aerobic exercises are suitable for those who are not comfortable running for any reason. Follow us to introduce you to 8 aerobic exercises that can be used as a great alternative to running.

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Aerobic exercises without the need for a device

You don’t need to go to the gym or go to the gym for the six basic aerobic exercises we introduce. However, exercises do not lack device-specific exercises in terms of body involvement and strength and endurance. Doing it is as simple as running and you may end up needing a rope or one or two dumbbells.

1. Roping

The rope is easy to push and does not put too much pressure on the body. It can be done wherever there is enough room to bend the rope. Rope training is effective; the effect of ten minutes a day on the body is the same as the effect of thirty minutes of soft running.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Elbow your hands as close to the sides of your body as possible. Also, tighten the central muscles of the body to keep it balanced while jumping and jumping. The central muscles, known in English as Core, are the spinal, abdominal, lumbar, and slightly lower muscles;

    Over time and when you get better and better at training, give it a little variety. For example, you can jump on one leg and rotate the rope involved several times.

2. Boxing or kickboxing

You do not need to enter the ring to do boxing exercises and you can do them in the same house. What we do is we combine boxing, kicking, and so on and so on. This way, in addition to the central muscles, the lower and upper body muscles can also be involved, while also increasing the speed of circulation and oxygenation, which is the main goal of aerobic exercise.

Some tips for doing better boxing or kickboxing:

    Take a look at some of the most common boxing moves, including punches and kicks, and your workout is a combination of these. Another solution is to make a few videos of professional boxers training and repeat their movements;

    If you want to make the workout a little more difficult and the muscles more involved, you can use ankle weights.

3. Callisthenic exercises

Callisthenic exercises are really light moves that can be done with the least amount of possibilities. These exercises, in addition to boosting muscle strength, speed up blood circulation and increase oxygenation to organs. In addition, they are simple exercises and do not require a specific place to perform them. It can be added over time to each exercise’s movements, thereby increasing its effectiveness.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Sometimes in parks and sports clubs, special equipment for callisthenics is used, such as parallel bars. Great if you can use them;

    To achieve the best possible result, you can practice separately for the upper and lower body, and perform specific movements for each of them at a time.

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4. Animated Planck exercises

Planck exercises (plank, literally meaning plank, but the term Planck is commonly used in Farsi) are basically that you give and maintain a particular state of mind for a while, such as swimming. These exercises are very effective in increasing muscle strength and endurance. If we want to do it aerobically and involve more organs, we can do the exercise in motion.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Always keep your waist straight while doing the exercises. You can maintain proper body posture by engaging your buttocks;

    You can put a towel or something similar to make it easier to workout and involve more muscles under your feet or legs to reduce friction between them with the ground.

5. Walking With Weights

This exercise is also known as the farmer’s walk, and it is exactly what it comes from: you take something heavy like a dumbbell and walk with it. Walking with weight training is simple and effective; not only does aerobic exercise increase heart rate, it also helps increase core muscle strength and arm strength.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Choose a weight that will be a bit difficult to carry, but not too much, especially if you want to do another exercise later. Try to walk faster to increase your heart rate; if it is your first time practicing, follow its traditional principles. Easily lift weights and walk. Extra movement for the later you become more comfortable with the exercise; you can bring the dumbbell close to the shoulders rather than keeping it flat and then walk.

Aerobic exercises using the device

6. Stationary bike

Sports clubs almost always have fixed bike classes. But you can also get the most out of your bike by doing different moves. Reduce the difficulty of pedalling more and more; sometimes pedal sitting and sometimes standing. This way you can control the intensity and difficulty of the exercise.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Stand next to the stationary bike and bring the saddle up to the height of the hip; this height makes it the most comfortable position to sit on;

    If you want to practice hard and get the best results, use cycling shoes. These shoes mount more effectively on the pedal, making the legs more balanced and efficient.

7. Roaming machine

Using a rowing machine (rowing means rowing) is another convenient aerobic exercise that involves almost every muscle in the body: from the central muscles to the legs, waist and arms. It takes a while to get to the heart of the machine and workout with it, but over time you can increase your heart rate and increase your heart rate and have an effective and balanced workout.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    As a rule of thumb, more pressure is applied to the legs. Avoid over-arm involvement;

    Keep your waist straight. At the end each time you move your shoulders close together.

8. Versa Climber machine

This is the next exercise for those who want to experience advanced level aerobic training. Versa Climber (Versa Climber means Reverse Ascendant) is a device that can simulate the state of ascension by practicing. The device was introduced for the first time in year 5, but it hasn’t been long before the athletes have been attracted to it. That’s why not all sports clubs can be found. By the way, if you have access to it, it is very good and efficient, and there is little practice to overcome it in terms of intensity and difficulty.

A few tips to make this exercise better:

    Use short and long climbs in combination. In this way, the intensity and difficulty of training is sometimes greater and sometimes less;

    The consistency and smoothness of the exercise is more important than speeding it up.

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